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I Angela Tillman Barnes your National President would like on behalf of Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority Incorporated, would like to welcome everyone to our website.

We are a Community Based Service Organization, that was founded for the Plus Size Community in December 2010. For many years the plus-size community has been overlooked, shamed, and downright just dismiss. But, no longer we are growing bigger and stronger every waiting minute. We have expanded across the United State from end to end in a short period of time taking it one state at a time. So, for my 2022-2024 term I will focus on uplifting, encouraging, and empowering by leading with empathy, integrity, and unity within the Plus Size Community. So. I stand before you I'm asking you to take this flight with me on the next Journey with the Plus Size Community. 


Thank you

Royal Love

Angela Tillman Barnes

National President 


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